BONUS! Coming Up With Endless 3P Content

Alright, folks, you made it! 
For the final video I wanted to show you in the trenches "super" secret way I come up with endless content.

Yes, like a comedian, musician, or artist, you have to look out into the world for inspiration.  After doing over 400 talks at a recovery center, I found a super easy way to come up with content for each of my talks!

I share with you exactly how I do it and even show you that I've been doing exactly what I am sharing with you on the bonus in this very program!

I'd love to see how you have come up with content using some of the ideas in this video!

Good luck and have fun! The creative universe is on your side ready to play!

With love. Amir
BONUS! Coming Up With Endless 3P Content
VIDEO - Coming Up With Endless 3P Content
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