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Unlike some of the videos that you can find for free online, these videos are a little bit different.  I call them the "behind" the scenes videos of my conversing with some of the top Practitioners around  The Principles, their business models, and the struggles & successes they may have had during their journey sharing the 3p's.  This has only been viewed by my VIP group program I had in the past and I am finally releasing them to you in both Video & Audio Format. Feel free to listen and re-listen a few times. I promise you, you will get something different with each viewing.

You'll get to hear from Practitioners such as:

  • Jenny Anderson
  • Amy Johnson
  • Ankush Jain
  • Dr. Bill Pettit
  • Jack Pransky
  • Gabriela Maldonado-Montano
  • Phil Goddard
  • Barb Patterson (coming soon!)
  • Amir Karkouti 

These calls are not your typical calls. This is the behind the scenes when we are sitting by a fire in the backyard and chatting about Principles and sharing type of calls.  You won't get this anywhere else!

You are In!
2 mins