End the Confusion...

I know...that's kind of a strange way to start a conversation.  If you are a Coach, Principle Practitioner, or Therapist and want to learn more about sharing the Three Principles as uncovered by Sydney Banks, you're in the right place. lt's time to bring the 3p's back to simplicity and fun.  Are you with me?

WISDUMB UNIVERSITY - Making Sharing Simple & Fun!

You "got" the Principles but how the heck are you supposed to share them? Let Amir show you exactly how From from A to Z using your Wisdumb!


How to Make your webinars, podcasts, posts, and talks exciting, moving, and make people say Holy Sh*t!  

Behind the Scenes with Three Principles Practitioners

What can you learn from failures? What motivates them to keep sharing? This is teachers sharing how they run their business & share the 3p's


What happens when Amir speaks to someone who he never met about sharing the Principles and how does that help you see deeper as well?
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Amir Karkouti & David Banks - Bringing It Back to Simplicity

Amir & David speak around the Three Principles, what's important, and how to go back to simplicity.  Access the video and the audio download

Ask Amir Anything! A Q&A for real life questions with real life answers!

The Book That Changes Lives (maybe)

Spirituality isn't serious. Matter of fact it should be filled with laughter and enjoyment.  That's what I think at least.  Get a dose of wisdom mixed with nonsensical ways to share the Principles from my new book called What The F**K Are the Three Principles!
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The Wait is over...

I remember the day I "discovered" the Principles...it blew me away. My world melted and everything just made sense.  The only problem was trying to explain them to others.  I failed...miserably. I was trying too hard, I wanted others to "get" it and people thought I was nuts. So I did what anyone else would do. I read more, went to more seminars, and...got more confused.  The confusion ends here...

It's time to finally share the 3p's in your own voice.  The wait is over...
Questions, comments, feedback? I'd love to hear from you!
Email me at: amir@amirkarkouti.com

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