Wisdom GPS 2.0

The Wisdom GPS 2.0

“In the mind, in the heart, I was always home…”

Miriam Makeba


If you’ve been in the 3 Principles community long enough, you’ve probably heard of the GPS analogy.

The idea is that our wisdom is more like the GPS on an iphone than a map that is static and can’t change.

According to the analogy, our wisdom is always guiding us even if we take a wrong turn.  Like any GPS on a phone, if you miss your turn, the directions will re-calculate you back to where you need to go.

Now we all know that analogies are simply pointers to a deeper truth.  And like any metaphor, it’s job is simply to take us to somewhere were we haven’t been looking.

Ok you’ve read up to this point…Good.

Now let’s go to the story.

I was with one of my friends who has a pretty good understanding of the 3p’s.  He had told me that he recently heard Michael Neill explaining the GPS analogy and that he was having some difficulty with the analogy.  I asked him what he meant by difficulty.

He said that when he is using his “wisdom” to make decisions, why is it that sometimes it takes him to the wrong place.

Granted, by using wisdom, he’s better off than if he was in his head, but he continues to tell me, “shouldn’t I come to a better destination?”

So I thought about how he was seeing how wisdom works, and I noticed that several people were using wisdom this way to navigate in the world of form.

I realized that some of my clients as well as acquaintances in the 3P community were using wisdom as like a navigational tool; better tool than being in your head, but nevertheless still a tool.

Going back to my friend, I got an insight by something he said during our conversation.

He said, “I used wisdom the whole time and it didn’t work!”

In what he said, I realized that he was using the analogy as if wisdom was going to take him somewhere else; that’s better than here.

So I decided to give him another slant on the GPS analogy.  A sort of a GPS 2.0.

First of all, there is an important distinction that needs to be made between the GPS analogy in the world of form and the world of the formless.

In the world of form, the job of the GPS is to get you somewhere; to arrive at a destination you put in. Even if you go the wrong way, the system is built in to take you from point A to point B.

In the world of the formless, or the Spiritual GPS, it works a bit different from my experience.

The GPS that uses wisdom doesn’t take us from point A to point B at all. It doesn’t guide us to where we need to go next.

The GPS in the world of the formless simply reminds us that we are always “home”.  And even if we are scrambled in our thoughts, that home is always closer than we think…And the formless GPS has only one screen it simply says,

“You are already ‘home’…you just can’t see it yet”

By “home” I mean you are always ok, even when you are “lost” in thought.  You can’t leave the place that is always with you.  And this “OKness” is a deeper sense of ok.  It’s the ok that knows you’ll be ok even when ok looks so far out of sight…

In other words, when my friend jumped back into the world of form…The idea of point B being better than where he is at now is where his disconnect came in.  It’s in the idea that “there” is better than here that makes you want to hurry up already and get to this “there” that never seems to come fast enough! So of course, using “wisdom” to get us there faster would make complete sense.

After all, if intellect isn’t getting us there fast enough, then let’s switch over to wisdom…
But the Wisdom GPS isn’t made to get you anywhere…It’s there to remind you, you are already there…or here.  And when you can slow down to see that you made “it” already, you can navigate in the world of form with more grace and ease.

The Wisdom GPS in the world of form will never take you to the place you want to arrive (more money, better relationships, higher self-esteem, etc.)  The job of Wisdom or the Spirititual GPS is to remind us that no matter where we end up, you’re always back home.  No matter how lost you are, you are only one turn away from getting back to the place where you know deep inside…you’ll be ok.

That’s my new GPS analogy.  It’s got one screen and that’s all it needs.  Wisdom 2.0 just reminds me that I’m home…even when I’m lost. I’m home and I can never truly ever be lost…and if I am lost,  that one screen will just remind me that…sooner or later, I’ll see that I’ve been home all along, even if I reroute a few times in the world of form…


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