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Success Stories With Amir Karkouti


Well, Amir, it is difficult to put into words the profound impact our times together have had on me.  From the insights to the revelations…they have been life changing.  As you and I both know, or think, I probably would have had the insights on my own, or through my normal course of life, but I sure am grateful that they happened while I was with you.  It is your ability to connect with someone and allow them to discuss things freely that has had the largest impact on me.  It really allows one to relax into the clarity so what needs to come up, or through, comes in.  I will be eternally grateful for our times together and I look forward to many, many more.

Your Friend…

James Cappelman

Your questions forced us to look deeper into the work we do. You challenged us to articulate why and how we’re making a difference in our children’s lives. I think it’s easy to get caught up in our day to day routines instead of really reflecting on (and effectively communicating) why we do what we do…and from a development standpoint, why others should support it!  I also love the concept of engaging our visitors and prospective volunteers/donors through active listening.  I think it’s a critical, but often overlooked, aspect of relationship building.

Thank you!!!

Colleen N. Smith
Director of Development

Pro Kids | The First Tee of San Diego



I want to start with heartfelt Thank you! There was no reason you had to call me and you did it anyway. It means a lot that you took the time out of your day to help make my life better. This is truly an uncommon gesture (unless people want you to buy something). The advice you “gave” me connected a lot of questions to some old and some new knowledge together. You just non judgmentally listen and joined the conversation in my head… that is something I really needed.
Dude, I could hash out all the parts that I really liked, but that would be me repeating the whole conversation. I ate up every word.
My favorite thing that I have used were 2 things:
1. I told you that I think about everything and you replied, “Dude, I do too, but the difference between you and me is that I don’t give a shit about the passing thoughts like you do.” Every time I start to over think I remind my self of that.
2. What 1 Actionable Step that will get you closer to where you want to be? I have been doing at least one thing a day so far.
I will value this conversation for a long time
Tim Johnson

Praise For Amir Karkouti’s book, Do NOTHING to Get EVERYTHING:


Amir Karkouti


Praise for Amir Karkouti’s book, The Happiness Formula

In The Happiness Formula: The Secrets of Quick and
Lasting Change Using What You Already Have, Amir
defines how a different way of thinking can tap into an
abundance of happiness within you. In this book, Amir
shows you the most effective strategies and exercises for
mastering your emotions, physiology, and your happiness
in an easy-to-read and non-technical manner. This step by
step program teaches the fundamental lessons in
happiness that will allow you to see your true potential
and take control of your life. Read this book and tap into
your inner happiness, and reach for the stars for success!
— Christan Nguyen, M.A. MFTI
Pepperdine University Alumni

Don’t read this book! I’m serious! Unless you want your
life to completely evolve and transform, you’d better stop
reading now and go back to the older version of yourself.
Stay the same, where it’s comfortable and easy, and you
don’t have to worry about things like Success, Health,
Healing, and of course, Happiness. Amir Karkouti is an
expert at shifting your focus toward what matters,
eliminating the “junk” in your head, and helps you see
your life in a completely new way. It’s scary to think
about how much I’ve accomplished in my business,
fitness, and relationships in only one year after Amir
gave me “the formula.” This is powerful stuff, and not for
the timid. Be bold in your quest for true Happiness!
— Jay Noblezada
Hypnotist, Speaker, and Coach

This book teaches us to move beyond our daily lives,
which are often defined by apathy or fear to explore new
ventures or settle for the convenience of routine
behaviors. It empowers us to become the masters and not
the slaves of our lives.
By a process of self-examination through the exercises he
gives us, we are able to discover what obstacles and
impediments we create for ourselves that prevent us from
becoming happier, more self-actualized and successful.
His understanding of complex academic philosophies of
human behavior and psychology allows him to synthesize
to a simple and often colloquial language these concepts
that we can all understand and embrace. The book is
uplifting and inspirational and should be read more than
once to appreciate the many layers of hidden wisdom.
— Dr. Robert Brunst, M.D., Ph.D.

The wisdom and energy you will get from reading The
Happiness Formula can change your life forever. As a
criminal defense trial attorney, having a stressful
environment is an understatement. Sometimes with the
trials (no pun intended) and tribulations of daily life,
stepping back and enjoying the free time I have can seem
impossible. In The Happiness Formula, get ready to
discover ways to break free of toxic patterns and limiting
beliefs and deliver presentations without a knot in your
stomach. How do I know that? I was able to apply some of
the principles in Amir’s book to help relieve some of the
anxiety of going to trial and presenting criminal
cases. His book offers the mental toolbox of ways to
achieve happiness and remove your anxieties in any
situation, including high-stress environments like the
courtroom. Amir’s quick wit and easy writing style will
also have you laughing and enjoying the process.
Read this book, take the exercises to heart, and watch
your happiness grow from the inside out. You’ll thank
yourself for it.
— Emily Crowley
Attorney at Law
Crowley Law Group

By the time you finish reading The Happiness Formula,
you’ll have enough resources to make the positive
changes you’ve always wanted to make in your personal
and business life. If you are looking for happier
relationships, a better way to look at life, or simply want
to remove fears, bad habits or anxiety, then look no
further than this book. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity
of the book. Sometimes the best advice is the simplest
advice. Now go out there and be…HAPPY!
— Jeff Paro
Peak Performance Strategist
Co-Founder of Influenceology, LLC

Amir Karkouti’s book reveals the simplicity beneath the
complex workings of your mind and the principles behind
how to obtain happiness in the easiest way possible.
Many people search for the elusive wisdom to help make
sense of their journey to inner peace, and this book shows
the reader a better way. Sometimes all that is needed is
to step back and “unlearn” some of the bad patterns and
unhealthy behaviors we’ve accumulated from our past.
With simple exercises and concise chapters, finding
happiness is just around the corner. The question is, are
you ready to make the changes to be happy?
— David Frees
Attorney, Seminar Presenter and author of Einstein’s
Business and The Language of Parenting

What Amir offers in this book is a concise, concentrated
program for actualizing your own unique, inherent
resources to create the life you want to live. If you follow
the program he has set forth, you will be able to enjoy life
as never before, and create the changes in yourself you
want to — provided you do the work outlined in these
pages. This is not always easy, but with the
encouragement and skills presented in this book, you can
create a better life for yourself. You have to do the work,
and Amir shows you how. It’s that simple.
— Maureen Moss, Ph.D.