My Story So Far

I was born in Tehran in 1979.  My family left the revolution in hopes of a better life.  With my brother and my two parents, we set off to America. Throughout our travels we ended up in Germany, Turkey, and all parts of the United States.

Growing up we didn’t have much.  We were on government assistance, we lived in one bedroom apartments, and worked our way up to living a comfortable life.

I became the CFO of a restaurant chain that I still run and operate.  I knew that was not my calling, although, I find tremendous gratitude in serving my customers and serving my employees.

After opening 7 restaurants we almost went bankrupt.  Our “planning” of our investments were terrible. We did everything out of fear and distress.  I decided that it’s not in the book keeping or our financials that was causing the distress.  I re-organized my thought process and started coming up with ideas from a place of internal wealth.  I didn’t go out and go into more coupon books and sell myself.  I made sure my staff came from a place of authenticity, and I made sure that I was transparent with not only myself but with everyone in my life, including my staff.

I believe much of our sickness come from our secrets.  I was always ethical but I was not always honest with myself.  Sometimes I believed that if I had more money I’d be happy. Sometimes I believed I wasn’t working hard enough.  I also believed success looked a certain way.  I never asked myself what exactly success would look like.

I started to learn how to change my organization from the inside out.  I realized I was planning to be poor and now I was planning to be wealthy.  I changed the way I thought and my thoughts changed my surroundings.

We are told that change takes forever and that it takes time to become what you want to be.  I never knew exactly what the right time was going to be, so I decided to make the time NOW.  Why do I believe that to be true?  I’m not sure, I just made it up and it just happened to be true for me.

After finding out that life had me hoodwinked and that TRYING was not the answer, I started to teach others about how I created abundance.  I didn’t sell my services, I just shared them.  Ironically, I started to get clients.  I don’t use Facebook, I don’t use Twitter, and I  am thinking about getting a Linkedin.  I am not saying any of those are a good or bad medium to get more clients.  It’s that whatever I have been doing has gotten me exactly where I want to be.

With my style of marketing, speaking and coaching, I was featured in two books, webinars, and countless radio spots.

I ended up writing four books.  One on restaurant marketing called 911 Restaurant Marketing to help others grow their restaurant clientele, and another book on the structure of beliefs called The Happiness Formula.  I later wrote two more books on how to get clients and how to have well-being.

I went from being deathly afraid to speak in public to becoming a public speaker.  The first time I was offered to speak, I lied and said that I was feeling sick.  I was driving to the event of 200 people and dreamt that someone would hit my car.  I believed being in a hospital was easier than speaking in front of people.  The belief has disappeared and it was really easy.  I became real and everything I spoke about was authentic.  I realized that I wasn’t afraid of speaking, I was afraid that people would see that the person speaking is not really himself.  I learned that this is the number one reason people are afraid to speak.  If you are authentic, it’s difficult to be scared.  And if someone hates everything you said on stage, at least you walked away authentic.  I have yet had anyone hate everything I have said.  Or, maybe they just didn’t tell me! 🙂

I often get asked as a coach, if you can go back and “coach” yourself when you first started, what would you say to yourself.  I guess I would say to slow down, hug someone if you need to, and that you shouldn’t change anything.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be.  And I feel that I am.  If all the events in the past didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be where I am at.  The most beautiful part is that the past is definitely a part of me, but the parts I don’t like, well it’s in the past so it’s gone.

The present is all that I have and the future looks beautiful. I might change this whole story and everything I wrote in it someday. You might be asking me why I am allowed to do that. It’s because it’s my life, it’s my story and because I can. Why do I believe that, because I just made that up, and what I make up usually happens.

I am excited to be doing what I am doing.  I get to see my clients make up the story they want to live and most often, my clients make it true.

So, I invite you to ask yourself, “What’s your story, and what are you ready to make up?”

Contact me when you are ready.