My Qualifications

I will give you my qualifications with the caveat that you will not judge me on the merits of my qualifications.

When you come for a coaching session, I will not judge you by your qualifications.

With that being said, I run a multi-million dollar corporation.  I have written 3 books, speak at schools, seminars and do workshops.  I assure you, you will not be working with the person with the credentials.  My credentials isn’t who I am, and I will give you the same respect.

I have learned more from my losses than any of my gains.  I have gained more understanding from my heartbreaks than a P & L report or my financials.  Financials and P & L’s are very important.  It just happens to be that when you are in a better mental state, your financials start to look better as a bi-product. And ironically, your relationships and outlook on life start to look better too.  That’s just been my experience.


When someone asks me what my credentials are, they are asking me in a round-about way, “Can you help me?”

My answer is: I may or may not be able to help you.  The only way to find out is for you to have a conversation with me, and see what you need help with.  If we are not a right fit, then my answer is no.  If I see that I have a place in your journey, it’s a big fat yes!

One thing is for sure.  If we work together, you have my 100% attention and my service.  No amount of credentials can substitute authenticity.  I know that in my business and in yours.

When you are ready to be world-class, let me know.